International weddings and ceremonies

The team of Wedding and Party Agency Planeta Hera specializes in organizing and carrying out of international weddings in Bulgaria and abroad.

Our DJs’ music expertise and the foreign language proficiency of our hostesses, wedding planners and coordinators ensure that the wedding party runs smoothly.

Planeta Hera’s team assists in the organization, planning, consulting, scenario, design – colour, theme, style and all that is necessary for a party.

When preparing the programme, our script writers mix skilfully the Bulgarian folklore rituals with the specific wedding customs of a particular country, they give them a contemporary looks and introduce the foreign guests with our country’s culture and customs.

Ethno weddings are a real attraction for the foreigners and all the rest of the guests. The newly-married couple recreates the folklore wedding, dressed in authentic costumes. The stylized folklore programmes combine the folklore traditions, they are dynamic, entertaining and a special colour is being given by the attractive costumes.

Our team have had the pleasure to organize international weddings for clients from 10 countries, amongst which are: Greece, Serbia, Romania, Canada, USA, France, Scotland, England, Germany, Turkey, Australia, The Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Finland and others.

We are proud that through hard work and professionalism, we have fulfilled the dream of our clients – to present a real Bulgarian wedding to their foreign guests!



Wedding ceremony

The rituals of outdoor wedding documents signing are also unique in their nature and we could organize them wherever you wish:

  • on the beach
  • in the mountain
  • on a famous historical site

wherever the place – you suggest – we make it happen!

The hostess may as well execute an outdoor wedding ritual on a famous historical site, on the beach or in the restaurant’s garden. The ritual complies with your love story and it is attractively presented. And the exchange of wedding vows in front of your guests will be something to remember all your life.

Planeta Hera’s ceremony is very emotional because it was written for you, every detail will be sorted out – the music and your love story – so that you could make all the guests a part of your memorable day. If your wedding is an international one, then Planeta Hera’s ceremony will be multilingual (in English, French, German or Russian) – no translators involved. This is the beginning of your marriage. Your first steps on your way to the Mysterious magical journey called Family life. Next to you are your closest people – your families and friends.
The ceremony will be romantic, exciting, there will be tears of joy and happiness because it is a part of you – full of memories of the past and the belief that you start an unwritten story and the best is to come.
In order to make all guests feel this love euphoria and enjoy the vowels you exchange, they need to hear it in their own language. We will take care of it and the memory will stay with everyone.







Wedding decoration

The wedding decoration is an inseparable part of the wedding. It creates the atmosphere of love, scene of faery and uniqueness for the newly married couple, as they really are. Different styles, themes, a rich range of colours – from soft shades to bright provocative colours – it is up to you!

We are ready to fulfil all your ideas and challenges.